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So, Claudia has a full life with new shit and can’t be online whoring full-time like she was.  She met a dude for coffee and he was do-able but then dude was all over her to meet every day and it was more than she was looking for and could do.  So she passed him.

I sent him a msg through AshMad and then we started texting.  I like this dude.  He owns several businesses, wants an exclusive relationship, sex once or twice a week and we seem compatible sexually as well as in conversation.  I need to get fucked right but I need some something in the dude that I connect with.

Lmao, he asks me if I’ve met anyone yet off AshMad.  I lie.  Say I’ve met but not fucked.  He’s on AshMad looking for someone to have affair with and thinks he’s gonna get a virgin.  Sheesh.

So we’re having “coffee” on Sat afternoon.  Probably fuck him.