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Today left a bad taste in my mouth, so to speak.  Just to clarify…here’s what I want, as you laid out what you/re wanting and how you want our relationship to go.

1.  Respectful anonymity-if I don’t tell you certain details of my life, they are boundaries, not to be pushed.

2.  Our relationship is mutually beneficial, mutually being the key word.  I do not care to be controlled.  I’m not your wife.

3.  “Enhance” my life-no drama, no attitude, no mind games.

4.  Birth control is my choice.  If I say condom, you wear one without argument.  This shows respect to me in that I’m the one risking getting pregnant.

I’m thisclose to being the sex partner you’ve fantasized about.  This fun is all it is.  We are not in a relationship bf/gf, husband/wife.  Game play is absent.   It’s up to you, what you are wanting, what you can carry out.  If you can’t do these things or don’t care to just let me know because none of the above items work for me and I just can’t.