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Why am I not telling AshMad dudes what sexual favor I’m wanting? Guys are all about telling me what they want to do to me and what they want me to do to them. And there’s always that fetish/nastiest detail included. Nero wants me to strap up and fuck him in the ass, and says he’s gonna give me head. Chris part II says he wants me to wear an ass plug while he fucks me and to grab the back of my head and shove his dick down my throat and face fuck me. MomoMike wanted me to finger fuck him and hit his prostate when he came. BossHogg wanted to have sex with me without a condom, while I’m on my period, and cum inside me. Chris part I was the most dominant I’ve ever had. Not Joe wanted me to give him head while wearing red lipstick and said he’d love a threesome even if it’s with another guy.

Why am I not telling these dudes what fantasies I want and then getting it? Pussy power up moment. I’m a online whore on a mission. I’m taking back the night.