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BossHog – He keeps looking at my profile to keep himself under my nose and therefore in my thoughts. I know he’s all smug on the inside thinking he’s playing with me still but it’s all in his head. Ain’t happening.

Nero – Still fucking God’s gift to curing one of the top ten diseases on the planet. He still thinks I don’t know his real name, who he is to the planet, or that he’s really 64, not 50. In efforts to support curing a fore mentioned disease I’m gonna let him have that one. Gonna strap up and fuck him next we spend quality time together. How fucking cool is that? Want to keep him for once a month sex research. He’s 2 hours away so he’s not the full-time dick I’m wanting.

CSLewis – Haven’t decided if he’s going to be kept for an occasional fuck. He is the best in bed by far but he’s got this disrespectfulness to how he’s handling our casual sex. I have no problem being someone’s occasional fuck but it is unacceptable to be disrespected. I’m just there for when he wants to fuck, on command when he says, and he is rude about it. You ain’t gotta treat me like a whore to get to fuck me like a whore. Can we all just be polite and get laid?

Chris II – New guy I met last week. Haven’t met him in person yet. We’ve been txting (google voice acct, never your real cell # ladies) and he seems cool. He’s kinda turned into a bugaboo. He’s 31. IDK if I want younger. I have problems enough getting older men to be gentlemen. I just see the age/maturity/respectful attitude not being there. IDK why but I’m not 100% feeling him. I could pass on him and think I will but I’m not ready to give up the dick option just yet. He’s pretty cute.

CableGuy – Haven’t met him in person yet. This is a pass from Claudia. She met him last fall, he made her dinner, they made out quite a bit but she said I should take him. Didn’t at first. I changed up one of my AshMad profiles to a new name, details, etc and he msg’d me saying he thinks he’s the one I’m looking for. He seems so fucking awesome! I hesitate to say it but I think he’s the fuck buddy I’ve been looking for. He is way smart and funny. And I love an intelligent, funny articulate dude. He has the best way with words. He’s more Dom/Sub inclined than I have ever been, which intrigues me. We have plans to fuck in a week and a half or so when his kids go back to his soon-to-be ex-wife’s house. He thinks I’m married (profile says so) but I’m gonna tell him I’m not. He’s not gonna care. But he will care about lying so in efforts to put my best vagina fwd I shall fess up.

Rocky – New dude from last week. Haven’t met him in person yet. He seems cool and would be enjoyable to fuck but I’m not 100% feeling him. I’m hoping the CableGuy fills the fuck buddy vacancy and I can stop dealing with the hiring process.

NotJoe – I let him go, haven’t answered him in over a week. Got email from him yesterday. I’m not feeling him at all. His personality is ok but there’s things in conversation that seem weird to me. Just not meshing. And his dick isn’t making me salivate. At least have an awesome dick if you’re less than suave.

There’s 3 others that I’ve recently had a couple emails from but again, nothing standing out (or up erect) that’s got me interested per se. One seems too boring old mid-50’s, another is 25 (a fore mentioned age/maturity thing) and the other is 2 hours away.

So that brings the attendance roster to 10. I’d like to keep it 3 and under but that’s a quality 3. I’ll keep Nero and CableGuy (dependent on first fuck success) and CSLewis if he’d take the rude/disrespectful edge off his dom attitude about being my fuck buddy. CSLewis is unfortunately more than likely gonna get tossed due to attitude which seriously makes my vagina sad. Due to Nero’s age, he doesn’t fuck the shit out of me, hard, for hours. CSLewis does. So no CSLewis I’m gonna need someone to fill the hard long fuck slot in my line up. Chris II or Rocky will then be auditioned further.

Go team!