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‘Playing with power, figuring out what it means to me to have power in a sexually charged interaction.’ Amen.

Confessions of an Ashley Madison mistress

I met with David yesterday evening at a trendy bar in the city.  He was one of the first men to contact me on AM via IM chat and we hit it off, so I thought I’d give it a try.  He’s “separated” (or so he says – I’m skeptical), and we had exchanged some very hot IM banter over the past week.  I was a little anxious but really just curious.  I had no idea what to expect.  Our messaging back and forth had been HOT and very exciting.  I was anticipating feeling swept off my feet, aroused, titillated, something….  Right?  Well, physically he was disappointing.  And interpersonally?  It was just odd.  He asked lots of questions.  So many that I felt uncomfortable, almost intruded upon.  He answered my questions, but honestly I’m not there to play 20 questions.  This is about fantasy, right?  (I’m asking myself that actually. …

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