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So, wow I’m surprised how much I like this dude less after I fucked him.  I’m just gonna lay it out there, raw.  His dick was about 6 inches maybe but it was severely curved downward. I’ve never had curved before. Gonna go ahead and give curved dick a thumbs down. It interferes with my blowjob performance.  Period.

Although we did it 8 times over a 25 hour period, he lasted about 30secs to under 2mins once he got inside me.  Now I hate to sound like a slut but this ain’t gonna cut it.  Was talking to my sister about it and she said it’s the norm, that I’ve just been spoiled thus far.  Ain’t that a rude awakening.  I understand that some guys can go longer than others, but this was like the second he got inside me it was a fight not to cum.  No bueno.

I do give credit where it is earned and he would finger me for like 20mins bringing me to orgasm over and over again.

First time I’ve ever licked balls.  I was told I’m a natural.  I could have sneezed on this dude’s balls and he’d have moaned.

I never did get fucked hard from behind.  Waterbed, granted, but he couldn’t even really get in me to get it going so he could try and last 1 minute.  Sheesh.

So now here’s my thought…how to never have this happen again?  Do I actually have to ask dudes how they can last in me going hard from behind?  Sheesh.