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OK, so I’ve had 3 encounters with CableGuy now.  The fact that he lasts less than a minute once inside me is a problem.  There ain’t no being polite about it, sensitive to his whatev, being politically correct, being mature about the shit.  Less than a minute.  Sigh.

And the serious curve downward of his dick.  It’s still something to work around.  Working on it.

He does make up for the minute man status with foreplay.  He will finger me for 20mins.  I love being fingered.  More than being eaten out.

He actually follows through with things I’ve said I would love it if he did.  Example: I told him I would love to fuck him in a suit, he’s looking very conservative and respectful but when we fuck he’s very nasty, he only unzips his pants the entire time we’re fucking, leaving the suit on.  So, the first time I met/fucked him, he showed up wearing a suit, looking very polished.  And he then preceded to be very nasty.  Example #2: I told him I wanted him to turn me over his knee and finger me in both while spanking me.  He did.  And what is so awesome about it is he just did it without prompt.  Nice.

But alas all this does not replace getting fucked hard for 2 hours, which last on-going sex partner I had did.  My sister says I’m spoiled.  IDGF.  Give it to me.

I honestly don’t think emotions are going to fuck me up with this guy.  There will be/is the generalized female jealousy crap but it will not go any further.  I promise.