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So, Chris part II.  IDK.  He just isn’t doing it for me.  I’m not feeling inspired.  All the compliments bullshit he says to me feels hollow.  And he calls me Babe.  We haven’t met in person yet.  So last night we were supposed to meet to have dinner.  I thought why not, just go have dinner, conversation, polish your flirt game.  I get in my car to meet him 30 miles away and I realize I don’t have enough gas to get there and I don’t have my bank card.  I stressed myself the fuck out over it.  Called my sis and she says why are you holding yourself to meet this guy when it’s all based on lies/game/cheating/desire, not reality/truth/who I really am.  Preach it sis.  So I text him and explain and he says ok next week then.  I say OK, but no it’s not OK.  I think I’ve exhausted my interest with him.  He just bores the fuck out of me.  Nothing special.  Next.

So while waiting for my bank card to arrive home I start talking nasty to CableGuy.  I swear I could fuck him for a week straight and still want more.  He uses “Daddy” and we are venturing into some D/S which me likey.  So I was all dressed up to meet Chris part II.  Short black dress, heels, nasty black panties with g-string effect.  We like it when he turns me over his knee and spanks me/fingers me in both.  Face down ass up.  So he gets me going and I get in doggystyle position with my legs spread, face down, ass up and start fingering myself, taking pics and sending them to him.  He has his kids this week so I can’t go to his house and fuck him.  I tell him, “I want to cum (sic) pick you up and go for a ride around the block with you real quick.”  He says, “Let’s do it.”  He’s just a team player.

So 2 hours later I pick him up and we find a cul-de-sac of businesses that are closed for the night and pull over to the side of the road and get nasty.  He is the best kisser I’ve ever had the pleasure of.  I hop in his lap.  He reaches in between my legs and starts fingering me.  I swear CableGuy’s fingering technique is top 2 of all time, and I love to be fingered.  He’s sucking on my nipples, fingering me and pulling my head backwards from my ponytail, forcing me on his finger.  OMG.

He’s in the front passenger seat of my car and I slide down to the floorboard between his legs and start sucking his dick.  I must say my head skills have seriously heightened as of late.  Every guy is throwing his head back, moaning more than usual.  I like to talk dirty here while staring into their eyes.  “You like that don’t you.”  “You like the way I suck your dick Daddy?”  “Feels good doesn’t it?”  And I’ll add lube into the equation.  And then wrap my tits around their dick, making sure my nipples are brushing against their lower stomach/pelvic area/thighs.  Again, ass up so they can notice and start pulling my panties up my ass crack, touching my ass, spanking me.  I can spend quite a bit of time here but then I’m told “Omg I could come right now on your tits.”  I totally get off on seeing I’m getting the other person off.  I love to make a guy lose his mind when he cums for me.  A bit more dirty talk and he cums between my tits.  It shoots and is a lot and he’s in shock how good it felt.  Score!

He says he wants to bend me over the hood of my car and fuck me from behind.  I’m not a sex in public get off-er.  But I want to.  He gets out of the car to walk around and scout out our options.  He comes back to the car and says there’s a bench behind the office building.  Hell yes.  We get to the bench area and he’s against the wall and I lean back on him rubbing my ass against his dick and he starts moaning.  I love it when I can tell I’m doing something that turns guys on.  Noting it for later use.  He bends me over the bench and I tell him to slide my shorts and panties to the side.  He’s really tall and I’m pretty short so he’s having trouble getting in.  I’m leaned over the table part of the bench and I put one foot on the seat so my ass is hanging off the bench corner.  He wets his fingers with saliva and fingers me real quick and then he’s in.  I lean forward down on the bench table and he’s going hard.  It’s hard not to be loud, because I just am and love to be.  He grabs my ponytail and pulls it back towards him, forcing my head back and he’s still going hard.  Omg.  He stops.  I climb up on the table part of the bench, on my knees with my ass hanging out over the edge and he tries but I’m too high.  So he starts fingering me, in both, and slapping my ass.  I’m face down ass up on this dusty bench with my legs spread and I feel myself start to cum.  I don’t mean the usual cum, but the HARD cum that I only have ever achieved while masturbating with the showerhead massager.  Never in my entire life has a guy made me cum like that.  I say “Omg I’m gonna fuckin cum hard.”  But the interruption of me speaking/thinking about it makes it stop.  So I don’t cum HARD but I actually felt like I could for the first time ever!  I’m still in awe.

We get back in my car.  I drop him back off at home and he says, “See you Sunday.”  Oh yes you fuckin will Daddy!