It just amazes me how different guys are in bed.  Examples:

CableGuy lasts about 30 secs if I’m lucky once he gets inside me.  I’ve had a guy go 2 hours, hard in me until he came.

CableGuy likes to kiss.  We kiss on average about 15-20mins every time we get down.  Chris part I kissed me for about 20 secs when we started and never again throughout our fucking.

Chris part I only had me in doggystyle.  CableGuy has had me in missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, doggy with me flat on my stomach, bent over the kitchen table, bent over the arm of the couch.

Some guys lay back and enjoy receiving a bj for as long as I will perform one.  Others, I’ll do less than 30secs and they move me to fuck me.

My ex-fiance hardly ever made me cum, in 3 years.  Chris part I made me cum about 10x’s in an hour and a half.  DonJuan made me squirt 3 times from him fingering me and then twice more will fucking me from behind bent over the hood of my car.

Some guys are like making love.  Others are just fucking.  Others are fucking but do touchy feely stuff also, like kissing my eyelids or stroking my hair.

Kissing styles vary so much.  One man, 60 years old, jammed his tongue down my throat the entire time we were making out.  You could tell it was his thing.  CableGuy has a bunch of different kissing moves and changes up which he uses each time.

How you fuck is a learned craft.  I think a person’s intelligence, ability to be in touch with what’s going on in someone, the partners they’ve had and their own sexual interests all contribute to their skill set.

I hate it when you have sex with someone for the first time and there is something they did/do in their repertoire that is a total turn off.  Can you just say to someone, could you not do this/that cuz its kills my erection every time.  Or can you say to someone you’ve got to learn how to not cum within seconds of entering me cuz that fucking sucks!