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Fucked ShrunkHead. He was meh. Had Ed issues & tried not using a rubber. Yeah right mofo. Put a fucking condom on or no pussy. Came twice. He came like Christmas morning. Loud!!!

Lasted 10 minutes of actual sex. Was going soft. Did not want to use a rubber. I am not trying to have a little white kid.

I grab my clothes.  Then I said I got to go I’m late got dressed and left.

He stopped me and gave me a hug and a kiss. I feel like an asshole.

I think this is what guys do. Feel like a guy.

When he finally got a Boner it was good. He’s got a long motherfucker. I think I like long. But it’s missing the hard factor, Which is the deal breaker. LOL

What I don’t understand is how do you guys up without protection. This guy is around sick ass people all day long. He knows better. What the fuck?