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It’s amusing and irritating how when it rains it pours but in between there’s drought.  I know I need to put on my rubbers because it’s raining men when I have to get out the whiteboard so I can keep my AshMad dudes straight.

BossHog – He still can’t keep from peeking at my profile every couple months.  Then I’ll send a message, something humorous, flirty, teasing.  We’ll message back and forth a few times and then we come to the same conclusion.  He thinks it’s not fair to me seeing as how I’m not married and he is.  That it will be a problem.  Whatever.

Nero – Still fucking God’s gift to the planet, aka Albert Einstein, aka he’s considered to be the man who’s about to cure xyz disease.  He still doesn’t know I know who he is, or that he’s really 64, not 50.  We haven’t fucked since January, seeing as he’s a busy boy.  We email in spurts, as the newness is over between us and therefore alt AshMad ass is a priority for both of us.  He’s trying to get me to have a 3some with another AshMad girl.  I don’t know.  We’ll see.  I don’t care to have a 3some just for the sake of having a 3some.  I need to be attracted to the girl or it’s not gonna be a go with me.

CSLewis – Best sex ever still periodically contacts me to fuck but he’s got the attitude issue which is problematic.  Can’t we just respectfully fuck the shit out of each other.  Seems simple.  Why is it not?

CableGuy – See previous blog entry for details.  Current status I have no plans to contact him again.  He’s gonna be on the loser end of our relationship for a moment or two, until I need someone to fuck.  Just keepin’ it real.

DonJuan – This is not an AshMad dude, or online dude period.  He’s had a crush on me for years but I had a bf.  We recently started FWB and hadn’t gotten to the fork in the road of what kind of relationship we wanted from each other.  And now we are on a 3 month pause as the local law enforcement has admitted him for vaca at the local jail.  *sigh*  The dick is awesome though!

And now to the “in-progress” group.  When my dance card is this full I usually let the “in-progress” group fade out.  You have to hit my special spot to endure the “in-progress” phase when ye ol’ dance card is occupado.

ShitKicker – He’s from my home town, 30 miles from me, which caught my attention initially.  Don’t know much about him.  He’s a fwbdatingsite.com find.  Last night we first sexted and it was good.  At first he seemed too shy/vanilla but after last nights arousal he’s a contender.

LanMark – Eh.  Pass please.

LatinSpice – He’s my first and only Mexican inquiry.  I used to lust me some green eyed Mexican boys but just find the dominant personality is too much for this independent biotch.  We haven’t sexted and that is a good measure for me if we’d be compatible in bed.  IDK.  We’ll see.

OnceUponATime – He’s my first and only African-American inquiry.  His profile seems more normal and in-line with me that ANY other I’ve read.  I want to see if after I fuck him I’ll never want to go back.  He’s a smarty-pants with badboy left in him he says.  Sweet.

MnM – Dude is 67.  Granted my older married man fantasy is still unfulfilled but 67?  He lives about 3 hours away.  Trying to decide where to file him.

And now that attendance has been taken.  Let’s get down to educating ourselves.  Sit up in your seats boys.