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Tips and Tricks #1:  Both Claudia and I have multiple profiles on Ashley Madison.  Clever biotches that we be.  Many sneaky things to do with a second, third, fourth, fifth profile to one of the dudes that met profile 1.

1.  You can hit on said dude from your alt profile to see if he will “cheat on you.”

2.  If he does the take the bait you can ask him about his experience thus far on AshMad and see if he cries naive virgin.

3.  If he does cop to tapping AshMad ass already, you can ask him how the sex was (with you).

4.  Will he give the alt profile a diff backstory?

5.  Will he use the same pick up lines etc he used on you?

6.  You can peek at his profile without him seeing you, profile #1, viewed his profile.

7.  You can add “Member Feedback” to their profile.  There are options when doing this.  You can add the points to the guy’s profile making him look like a man whore (No longer can he claim virgin status to next woman he is hitting on seeing as how he’s got 8-9 points next to each).  You can selectively check the boxes to reflex a negative trait to the guy.  Example:  You can check all except “Better in person.”  This implies there was disappointment at who the guy was in person versus how he said he was.  You can check all except “Better in person”, “hot to trot” and “salacious.”  This points to someone that was disappointed at who the guy was in person and found him unattractive.  There is also checking everything except “Worth the time.”  Many, many ways to configure the “Member Feedback” to fit your needs to gain control of the ball in this bloodsport, aka “online dating” game.

8.  You can be current status is you are winning at this online dating game seeing as how current status is, you’re one up on him.  This can be vital when your relationship with said guy ends with you feeling like you got played and you’re needing some empowerment.

But beware, you are only going to be hurt when doing this.  He’s IS going to be online chatting with your alt profile when profile #1 messages/emails/texts him and he doesn’t answer because he was so into profile #2, and yes later on he will say he couldn’t respond at that time due to illness, cell phone technical difficulty, needing to care for his elderly mother…