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I haven’t fucked Nero since January.  It’s a full-time job saving the planet and all (see previous Nero posts).  Same $200/night hotel on the beach in Southern California.  I brought the lube, he brought the vodka.

He is almost 65 years old.  I am 40.  Our previous 3 dates I have noted performance issues due to his age.  He gets hard, we start in, and he prolongs cumming as long as he can because he knows once he cums, that’s it for the night.  If he can get hard, and good chance he can, he won’t be able to hold the erection until cumming, and he won’t be cumming.  So I’m a down ass bitch and don’t have a problem working with this handicap.  I just need to know what it is I’m working with.  Guys don’t want to tell you about handicaps, and won’t, and have attitude if you bring it up.  I don’t get this.  First of all, WE are in this MUTUALLY beneficial sex relationship.  We both have a short list of needs.  If a guy tells me I’m not meeting his needs in any area of fucking, I factor it in and adjust my game play to meet whatever need.  Guys aren’t shy about stating what they want.  Example:  red lipstick when getting oral or wanting to cum in a specific location or a certain color lingerie.  There’s no ifs ands or butts (sic) about their needs requests.  That’s the way it’s going down.  I think part of why this occurs is the male dominant role thing.  Irregardless, how come I am not afforded the same?  If I like to be fucked hard for 20mins and that’s how I cum, and I’m not getting it, I’m going to say something.  Again, fucking you isn’t beneficial if I don’t cum.  Put the shoe on the other foot….like guys are going to fuck me the way I want, not get their needs met and not cum when I have and I am done.  Like that shit would ever happen.  Anyways….

I walk in the hotel room and he’s trying to start fucking before I’ve taken my sunglasses off.  A little irritating.  Can I have 5 mins to decompress after driving 2 hours to deliver pussy?  I get it, but the entire time he’s like are you ready yet, ready yet, ready yet?

He lays back on the bed and I’m sitting beside him, drinking my drink.  I can tell he’s not fully into our convab and is thinking “ready yet”?  Not yet.  I move over to between his legs and I’m sitting on my knees and rubbing his legs.  Almost, not quite yet.  Alcohol kicks in and I move to straddle him.  I grind back and forth on him and we start in.  I had the best fucking fuck time!  It was 4 hours of fucking and playing until he came.  It was so much fun.

I had been emphasizing how much I enjoy being fingered, and he integrated it in.  He made me squirt/cum from fingering me.  He’s never made me cum before.  Squirting is a new thing for me.  DonJuan started this in me.  First time we fucked he made me squirt twice by fingering me and then 4 times by fucking me.  Seems he’s turned that on in me.  Interesting.

Some highlights:  we just played with each other, the bed, then onto the ottoman, back to the bed, over his knee (omg I love that), gave him oral (which he says I got an A+ for), he fingered me, he sucked on my tits, I fingered him…he loves it!

Lowlight:  he came inside me.  I’ve told him no more cumming in vag but that was like 7 months ago.  But I know he knew he wasn’t supposed to and did anyway cuz he wanted to.  I said “You didn’t just cum inside me did you?”  He says, “Yes I believe that was me that just did that.  Hope you’re not at your fertile time.”  I said, “Actually tomorrow is the start of my fertile time.”  So thus begins period watch June 2015.  I honestly wonder if he’s had vasectomy.  I’d not bet on it though.  I really think he likes to be risky in his sexual adventures.  He gets a thrill out of no condom and cumming inside me.  My fault.  I should have reminded and said it like I meant it.  I will next time for damn sure.

I told him that I know who he is, his real name.  He was shocked!  He had no idea I knew.  I told him I’ve always known, since the first time we texted.  And he still was asking, “You know who I am?”  I said, “Yes, Dr. X.”  He looked no happy.  But after we talked for a while he was totally fine with me knowing his real identity.  I gave him the mom style lecture about being careless when online whoring and money greedy AssMadders knowing who he is.  That they would surely see it as an opportunity.  He agreed and is going to let me hide him and create a new identity for him online.  It occurred to me later that he is going to realize that I know his real age and be embarrassed.  Too fun.