In case you’re not familiar, Ashley Madison has a “member feedback” section that attaches to everyone’s profile.  Then, people who have had communication with each other can give their opinion on them.  (Some dudes have like 8 on each…eeew, slut)


I would love to see this upgraded to include the following:

  • Condom use: yes, no, fought me on it.
  • Manners: does he lose his pants and then lose his manners?
  • Penis size/shape: to be able to give a number of inches, and report any oddities (curved, small head, not symmetrical)
  • Sexual performance: did he last 10 seconds? is he all hammering and no heart and soul?  was he selfish in bed?  was it one-sided as to what was included and what positions were done?
  • Made me cum: did he?  did he know exactly how to read your responses and adjust?  did he even try?  did he think he did when he didn’t?

How about a forum for the ladies so they can talk shit.