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It’s now been 1 year since I have ventured into the online ass acquisition. Why is it so f-in’ hard to find a fuck buddy that is good at the fucking and good at the maturity/respectability?  Fuck.

Every dude I have thought was the one that would be a sustainable fuck buddy has failed.  The norm thought is that the female is the emotional problem in the fuck buddy acquisition.   Nah.

Here’s what keeps happening…we have the front…what we lead off with as who we are, how we are with regard to a fuck buddy, what we are looking for in a fuck buddy, how we can/will/are unemotional and just wanna fuck the shit outta me any way I say I need to get off.  And then…AND THEN…

FUCK!  I keep searching myself for a change in my game play to pull this ideal fuck buddy outta said dude.  Is it not attainable?

Don’t get me wrong, I AM the best sex partner I’ve ever had but I really was wanting a team player to tag team my shit with.  I’m thisclose to giving up and accepting my party of 1 status.

Moment of silence ladies please.