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The male will go on and on talking about himself, who he is, what is going on his life, current life bullshit he’s dealing with, brag about what he’s done. Women, in the assigned supportive role, will listen to all. The man will never ask the woman for the same content or amount of information. If, and that’s iffy, the woman tries to talk of herself in the same manner the man does will not give the same listening ear. She will get cut off and the conversation topic is re-routed.

Now, this attitude from the man is carried over into their sex. From the start, the man dictates what’s included. He’s getting oral, and some time is going to be spent on it. He’ll correct and instruct during. What positions are done is his choice. Maybe the woman will request to do a position, and if so it will be afforded to her but it will be acknowledge in attitude and words that he’s giving this to her. More than likely the woman will receive oral but it will be of shorter duration than the man’s. She won’t correct or instruct and he won’t be doing it right, how she wants it. There’s a 50.1% chance the woman won’t orgasm. If the man tries to make the woman cum, she won’t. She might fake orgasm. The man may not even mention making a point to make the woman cum. The man might ask the woman if she came. “If you have to ask…” The sex will end sooner than the woman would like it to. The man will cum and he’ll cum where he wants to.

Why is this acceptable?