So I rarely tap local ass.  Not tappin’ nearly as much ass as I had been, but local ass is even less, next to never.

Friend txt me and says “Yo I got dick for you.  Get up and come get it.”  I ignored her for a week or so, then started txting HR Block.  Wasn’t over impressed but was in need of new local ass so I pursued.  He was very smart/funny one night so I ended up going to his place at 12:30am.

He was very much a considerate host and gentleman.  Maybe a little too much so but it’s the Sahara desert when it comes to manners from a fuck buddy so I fucked him.  A little light on time spent actually inside me but heavy on attention to my orgasm.  

In the morning I leave and before I get home there’s txt from him saying he’ll be thinking of me all day.  Ought-oh.  Feels like a cling-on is about to emerge and ruin quality d.