You know what I hate?  When a guy wants to deeply kiss you while you cum.  I can’t breathe=I can’t cum.  Period.  Can you imagine a guy tolerating his ability to cum hindered by a women pushing her desire to kiss him while it happens?  Nope.  Cause it would never happen, ever, even once.  

And another thing I hate…guys who don’t know how to make me cum.  Not because they haven’t figured me out yet, but because they think they know how I’m supposed to cum and have tunnel vision with the shit.  

And OMG it makes me wanna scream when a guy has been trying for all of about 4 minutes to make me cum by fingering me and sighs as if saying my hands getting tired I can’t believe you’re asking this much of me?  Sweetie you should know I’m not expecting much from you, look at the size of your penis.