So tmw, well actually 17hrs from now, Nero and I will be getting jumped into the swinger scene.  I’ve become friendly with someone who msg’d us in swinglifestyle.  She is going to introduce us to everyone she knows.  It’s our in, to get into other people’s pants.  

Where am I at in my desire for where this is going.  Idk.  I don’t know right this minute what I want, what I don’t want, much less how to sneak attack get it, or tricky-do not get it.  I really need to decide.

How do I feel about being in a threesome?  About some random dude idk his name, fucking me while Nero watches.  Nero no gonna be happy seeing some guy fuck me.  I know it.  I guess we’re about to find out.  

My prediction for Sat night outcome, we either get next to nothing from others, we get a little bone thrown our way or we fully swap with at least one couple.

Until tmw…